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Abby Rochette
2018 New Hampshire High School Gatorade Player of the Year

"Going into the Diamond Gems organization, I had a goal which was to have the opportunity to play softball in college.  My experience included an incredible coaching staff and a group of talented and passionate teammates, all with similar goals and aspirations.  The training I received was beyond what I was expecting, and I was able to go into the school and summer seasons ready.  I was able to meet every goal I had aimed for by the end of the summer season, thanks to the help from the coaching staff and Jim Rines who takes our goals seriously.

Playing softball was only half of the journey to meeting the goal to play in college.  Coach Rines ensured that I was reaching out to coaches and contacting who I needed to contact in order to meet the set goal.  He would introduce himself and the players of my team to the appropriate colleges and make sure we each got our deserved exposure to our prospective colleges.  I'm grateful for the experience I had with the Diamond Gems organization and the showcase team I was on.  The friendships I made, the connections to coaches, and the offers from some of my top schools made the fall to summer season well worth it."


Abby Santis
Middlebury College Class of 2023

"After spending six years in one ASA organization, I made the decision to join Coach Rines and Coach Makris at the Diamond Gems.  I had an interest in pursuing a college softball career, and I knew that the Diamond Gems would provide a different level of commitment and exposure.  Joining Coach Rines with the Diamond Gems provided me the opportunity to attend multiple college showcases both in the fall and summer.  These showcases allowed me to play in front of coaches that I had previously contacted as well as create new opportunities with schools I had not even thought to approach.  These premier showcases are geared to allow coaches to evaluate athletes and are invaluable in conjunction with attending college camps and contacting coaches directly.  Coach Rines supported my efforts by constantly reaching out to these coaches and facilitating their evaluation of me.  Equally important during the past year was the high-level technical coaching by Coach Rines and Coach Makris to further develop my game.  My experience with the Diamond Gems was amazing and critical to me being able to solidify a verbal commitment to Middlebury College this summer.  I look forward to finishing high school and having an exciting college softball career."